Premium Rotating Display

Heavy Duty Rotating Display
Enable Full 360 Product Video
Handy 110v Outlet Built Right In
Diameter: 120"
Height: 18"
Load: 5000lbs
110v Elec w/ Remote
Speed: 1RPM
Decking: Steel Plate
Finish: Black Primer
Skirt: Brite Alum
Extra: 110V Outlet

The Premium Rotating Display combines heavy duty function with an aesthetically pleasing design. This turntable includes a 5000lb capacity, diamond plate carbon steel top covering, brite aluminum diamond plate skirting and a built-in rotating electrical outlet. Also includes 9 foot steel load ramps with their own built in and hidden storage trays along with easy set up and use. Perfect display for any small yet heavy product in need of serious LOOK AT ME attention!
Possible customizations; Height, Diameter, Capacity, Decking, Skirting, Lights, and Paint Color.

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