Low-Rider Car Turntable

Extremely Low 12" Height
As Rectangle: 17' or As Round 18' Diameter
Light Weight High Density Foam Ramps
Rectangle: $5499
w/ Plate: $5949
Round: $7999
w/ Plate: $10249
Standard RPM: 1.5
Max Load : 9000lbs
Elec: 110v, 4.0 amp
Deluxe Op: $2500
(Call for Details)

The Low Rider Car Turntable enables car dealerships and auction houses to photograph and video record their vehicle inventory to aid in online sales within their internet sales websites. The extremely low platform height allows vehicles to be easily loaded and unloaded while not requiring the construction of a pit to house the turntable. This unit can be constructed as a more inexpensive rectangle or completed as a full circle display. The bare bones option for this unit does not include top decking but is available as an add-on option. We can also offer a wireless remote control.

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