Helix Car Display Ramp

14ft Long, 16in Wide Platforms w/ 7500lb Load Capacity
One 4ft Long Load Ramp Included
Carbon Steel Fabrication and Black Primer Finish

Helix 36 - $1049.00 $944.10
36in Height at Peak w/ 9.5 Display Angle
27in Height at Peak w/ 9.5 Display Angle
Shipping Weight: 675lbs : Class: 70 : Origin: 49870

*Shipping weights are approximate and include wooden crating*
**Lead times vary between 2-5 weeks - Rush Ordering Available**

Product Overview:
Car Display Ramps are an inexpensive method of attracting attention. They serve not only as simple displays, but also as roadside dealer store (or vehicle brand) billboards, word of mouth points of reference, and local landmarks. In addition to their value as advertising tools, CDR's can also be utilized as Car Service Ramps for the at home do-it yourselfer who has grown tired of crawling underneath their vehicle or dealing with jacks. Also useful as undercarriage cleaning aids for those of you whom are either employed within an occupation that constantly requires vehicles to get muddy, or those that choose to spend their free time getting dirty behind the wheel!

Key Features:
Angle style ramps are simple to set-up and even easier to use as they do not require additional lengthy load ramps. Can also be used as an undercarriage "wash ramp". Knock-Down fabrication also available (with all necessary grade 8 hardware included) on all car display ramp designs. Custom sizes and alterations available upon request and can include 3D model renderings to be approved before fabrication begins.

Shipping Cost Estimate:
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