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Product Overview:
The Flushmount Vehicle Turntable is a versatile rotating platform that can be used as an aesthetically pleasing showroom display in a dealership setting or as a more practical car turner in a domestic drive-way or garage application. The standard turntable top covering material is smooth steel plate, however custom options are available including ply-wood that can be covered with tile or carpet to match the surrounding site floor. The Flushmount Vehicle Carousel requires a concrete pit and includes a pit cap ring and caster supports.

Key Components:
PDF Info Packets:
Rotating Vehicle Turntable
Designated Load
Bearing Section
Rotating Vehicle Turntable
Wing Brace
Adjuster Supports
Rotating Vehicle Turntable
Wireless Remote
Set Speed
Turntable Pit Drawings
Pit Specs:
16ft Unit
16ft FLB Assembly
16ft Unit
FLB Control Box
DRS Unit:
Proper Usage
Standard Specifications:
Standard Height - 18 inches
Load Capacity - 9000lbs
Electric Requirements - 110v
Top Covering - Steel Plate
Rotation Speed - 1.5 RPM
Operation - Wireless Remote
Finish - Black Primer
Steel Pit Cap Ring
Sizes and Pricing:
14ft Diameter: $12,499.00
16ft Diameter: $12,999.00
18ft Diameter: $13,999.00
20ft Diameter: $14,999.00
*Can build virtually any
size, inquire with specific
desired diameter*

Unsure of which size?
Assembly Overview Gif:
16ft DRS Assembly

Shipping Cost Estimate:
Use the below shipping calculator widget to receive on the spot freight estimates, please note that any rate received through this calculator is simply a ball park approximation of what shipping costs will be. The actual rate at the time of purchase could be higher or lower but should be fairly close to the estimation received here. For the FLB Flushmount Vehicle Turntable, enter 3000lbs into the weight field, then add in your delivery zip code and press the "calculate" button.