Flatline Car Display Ramps

14ft Long, 20in Wide Platforms w/ 7500lb Load Capacity
14ft Long Load Ramps w/ Support Stands and Lock-In Place Pins
Carbon Steel Fabrication and Black Primer Finish

Flatline 20 - $1349.00
20in Tall Unit w/ 7 Load Ramp Break-Over Angle
Shipping Weight: 1200lbs : Class: 70 : Origin: 49870
Flatline 30 - $1499.00
30in Tall Unit w/ 10 Load Ramp Break-Over Angle
Shipping Weight: 1250lbs : Class: 70 : Origin: 49870
Flatline 42 - $1749.00 $1661.55
42in Tall Unit w/ 10 Load Ramp Break-Over Angle
**Includes 20ft Load Ramps**
Shipping Weight: 1425lbs : Class: 70 : Origin: 49870

*Shipping weights are approximate and include wooden crating*
**Lead times vary between 3-5 weeks - Rush Ordering Available**

Flatline Ramp Car Display Ramp Auto Ramp Vehicle Display Ramp Picture of Car Ramp Flatline Car Display Ramp
Flatline Drive On Drive Off
Never Back Down Again!

Product Overview:
Car Display Ramps are an inexpensive method of attracting attention. They serve not only as simple displays, but also as roadside dealer store (or vehicle brand) billboards, word of mouth points of reference, and local landmarks. In addition to their value as advertising tools, Vehicle Display Ramps can also be utilized as Car Service Ramps for the at home do-it yourselfer who has grown tired of crawling underneath their vehicle or dealing with jacks. Also useful as undercarriage cleaning aids for those of you whom are either employed within an occupation that constantly requires vehicles to get muddy, or those that choose to spend their free time getting dirty behind the wheel!