Economy Vehicle Turntable

Budget Friendly Car Rotator
Online Car Sales Tool - Full 360 Video
Simple Set-Up and Use
Length: 14.5 feet
Width: 80 inches Height: 18 inches
Load: 9000lbs
Ramps: 14 feet
110v Elec w/ Remote
Speed: 2RPM
Decking: Steel Plate
Finish: Black Primer

Our Economy Vehicle Turntable rotating display is the best value on the market today. Perfect for the company that cares more about turning their cars around than the actual prettiness of the display itself. The 173 inch length and 9000 pound capacity insures its usability on nearly every consumer vehicle available. The use of a v belt driven system guards against damage and injury as the belt will simply slip on its pulley stoping the rotation. Includes load ramps with conveniently built-in storage trays and plug in play operation.

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